Membership Benefits

Membership subscription applications are available to all Canadians of all ages.

Memberships help support Pickleball Canada, the official national sports organization in Canada for pickleball,  whose primary mission is:

to assist and promote the growth of Pickleball as a game for all ages and to establish rules,
    policies and standards for the good governance of the game in Canada.

Recognizing that pickleball is the fastest growing sport in North America, Pickelball Canada has  become the national governing body for pickleball in Canada; which is significant for several reasons:
  • Pickleball Canada is  the governing body (National Sports Organization (NSO) for pickleball in Canada and will seek Federal Government recognition by 2020
  • As the NSO, Pickleball Canada will be able to endorse the provincial/territorial  affiliated associations for Provincial Territorial Sports Organization (PT/SO) status which has as one of their mandates; provide support for shared and/or dedicated facilities through community grants and infrastructure programs
  • Advocating to adopt pickleball as a standard sport in the education system in Canada
  • We provide a comprehensive national insurance coverage plan that covers both the player and the facility. For more information on Insurance, click HERE 
  • We are developing and will manage the national certification of officials for pickleball in Canada and the USA.
  • We will create and manage coaches/instructor certification programs and database for community sport, competitive playing or instructor
  • We have established a national player database for player registration for insurance, ratings and potential partner locate/contact. This database will be valuable whether you are playing at the club, provincial, national or international level
  • We are establishing and will monitor policies on code of conduct, dispute resolution, discrimination, equity & access, conflict of interest and anti-doping
  • We will manage a high performance athlete development program
  • We provide a single voice for Canada at the international federation to approve new rules and regulations which affect all play at all levels
  • We are overseeing the development of para-pickleball at all levels throughout Canada.
       Become a member and be part of the growing sport of Pickleball in Canada. A Game For All.
Pickleball Canada Memberships include many benefits and privileges as well as the support of the initiatives listed above:

    - Each member receives a membership number and a membership card produced electronically for immediate use
    - E-newsletters to all Pickleball Canada members
    - Updated rules, policies and information on the National website and newsletters
    - Promoting clubs and groups, and places to play
    - Tournament advertising and information on our websites/newsletters
    - Member voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.[make an impact]
    - Official Player Ratings accepted in Canada and the USA [September 2020]

For more information, contact our Membership Committee.