Governance and Policies

Pickleball Canada is  incorporated under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act. PC's  constitution provides for a volunteer leadership structure that is democratically elected by its membership. All members in good standing have the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting, held in July each year. Notice of the meetings are posted 60 days prior to the meeting as defined in the Pickleball Canada by-laws, which are available HERE. (updated June 2019)

Pickleball Canada may have commercial or for-profit categories of members but the majority of voting members at the Provincial/Territorial level,  or equivalent Sectional level, and at the National level are volunteer based and not-for-profit groups. 

Pickleball Canada plans for the review of its policies at least every four to six years ( all polices are expected to be approved and published by March 2018) and incorporates into its operational and business plans. The Pickleball Canada strategic plan is available HERE

The roles and responsibilities for each officer and each standing committee are clearly defined and included in the Pickleball Canada by-laws. Terms of reference are updated on a regular basis. There are clear lines of authority that describe the delegation of decision-making that pertain to the Board of Directors including the officers of Pickleball Canada, Executive Chairs and Sub Committees. 

Pickleball Canada provides a formal orientation and training procedure for new board members. All documents are available to all Board members through an online portal driven by the GOOGLE Team drive program. 

Pickleball Canada recognizes that:

          - Canadians have the fundamental skills, knowledge and attitude to participate in the sport of pickleball for fun, health and social relaxation
          - Canadians have the opportunity to systematically improve and measure their performance against others in competition  in a safe and ethical manner
          - Canadians are systematically achieving world-class  results at the highest levels of international competition through fair and ethical means
          - Sport is used as a tool for social and economic development and the promotion of positive values at home and abroad