Board Regional Representatives

Pickleball Canada Board Regional Representatives' purpose is to enhance the exchange and sharing of experience, knowledge, skills and resources, in order to facilitate and give direction to the development of pickleball in Canada, locally, provincially, interprovincially/territorially and nationally. A further goal is to establish the mechanism for the provincial/territorial and national association to collaborate on joint projects.

Board representation is open to all provincial and territorial pickleball associations in Canada. Each province/territory has the opportunity to be represented by the selected senior officer based on the following five regional representations. 

                                    - Atlantic (Nfld, NS, PEI, NB)
                                    - Quebec                                                                                    
                                    - Ontario
                                    - Central (MB, SK, AB, + NWT/Nunavut)
                                    - West ( BC + Yukon)

The representative is selected by Provincial/Territorial association senior officers within each region. Term of office is determined by the regional associations and can not be less than one year nor greater than two years. 

To review the Pickleball Canada policy on selecting the regional Pickleball Canada Board representatives, please click HERE. [pending] 

                        Pickleball Canada - Regional Board Members

                                       Marcel Lemieux - Quebec

                                        Jim Parrott - Ontario

                                Central (MB,SK,AB, NWT/Nunavut)

                                     Bill MacGregor - B.C. / Yukon

If you have any questions, please contact Doug Thomson, President, Pickleball Canada