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Tony Casey

Meet Tony Casey from British Columbia who joined Pickleball Canada in 2018.  He is currently working alongside other national pickleball organizations as our sport becomes unified at the international level and strives to become an Olympic and Paralympics sport.

Tony is also involved with community-based, pilot projects that are examining how to create more opportunities for underrepresented populations. He was the lead for the development of Pickleball Canada’s Strategic Plan 2021-2023 ~ Advancing Pickleball for All, for Life.

In a previous life, Tony was a director on the prevention, health promotion and wellness side of the health system, and as a volunteer in hockey, soccer and baseball. While Irish-born Tony has lived in Alberta and Ontario, he has spent most of his life on the west coast of BC.

He is a self-proclaimed, decidedly unremarkable player who is a bit competitive! His favourite pickleball moments are playing outdoors, in the sun, in January and February.

Tony believes that pickleball has enormous potential as a welcoming sport for all, for life. If leaders of organizations at the local, provincial and national levels increasingly take more actions in the areas of equity, diversity, inclusion and a culture of safety, pickleball will be recognized and celebrated as a very special sport.

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