Affiliated Provinces/Territories

An affiliated provincial/territorial pickleball association is characterized as follows:
  • The Provincial/Territorial Pickleball Association is recognized by Pickleball Canada as the sole representative of Pickleball in their territory.
  • The Association recognizes Pickleball Canada as the governing body of pickleball in Canada.
  • They agree to use an approved Pickleball Canada process to  register new and renew their memberships respecting a full year(s) membership with renewals based on the anniversary date of membership. 
  • The association will abide by the policies published and updated at any time by Pickleball Canada
  • All provincial/territorial members must be members of Pickleball Canada and all Pickleball Canada members residing in a province/territory affiliated with Pickleball Canada must be a member of that provincial/territorial affiliate. 
  • The individual Association supports the vision, mission, and goals of Pickleball Canada
  • The Associations representative will be an active member of Interprovincial/Territorial Advisory Council (ITAC) as defined HERE.
  • The association is a registered not-for-profit organization in its province/territory and has the appropriate governance infrastructure in place to adequately promote and support the playing and growth of pickleball in its jurisdiction, including the establishment of an Ambassador's program. 
  • The Association supports the Pickleball Canada initiatives to advance and govern the sport of pickleball in Canada
  • The Association wil make every effort to host at least one yearly Pickleball Canada SANCTIONED tournament
  • The Association recognizes and supports the affiliated clubs definition of Pickleball Canada. 
  • Each Association is responsible ensure that a Release Agreement Waiver is accepted by all Association members as exampled HERE. 
  • The  Association adheres to and supports the International Federation of Pickleball rules of play as adopted by Pickleball Canada and updated from time to time. [this is an Insurance compliance requirement]
If you have any questions or wish to begin the process, please use the form provided. 

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