Affiliated Clubs

Where there is a Provincial/Territorial Pickleball Association, clubs are required to join that Association in order to affiliate with Pickleball Canada. 
NOTE: You can not be a member of Pickleball Canada unless you join an affiliated Provincial/Territorial Association IF there is one. (CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF AFFILIATED PROVINCES)

Where there is NO Provincial Association or the Provincial Association is not an affiliated member, individual clubs may join Pickleball Canada directly provided they agree to the following:
  • The Club recognizes Pickleball Canada as the governing body of pickleball in Canada
  • All club members are required to be members of Pickleball Canada
  • They agree to use an approved Pickleball Canada process to  register new and renew their memberships respecting a full year(s) membership with renewals based on the anniversary date of membership. 
  • All club members must electronically accept and agree to the insurance waiver on the Pickleball Canada web site. (done via their membership acceptance email- being phased in starting September 2018)
  • The club supports the vision, mission and goals of Pickleball Canada
  • The club supports  and adheres to the policies published by Pickleball Canada and at any time updated and/or changed.
  • The club supports the Pickleball Canada's initiatives to advance and govern the sport of pickleball in Canada. 
  • The  club adheres to and supports the International Federation of Pickleball rules of play as adopted by Pickleball Canada and updated from time to time. [this is an Insurance compliance requirement]
  • The club will assign one individual who will act as the Account Admin 
For a list of affiliated clubs by province, please click HERE
If a Provincial/Territorial association is established and is affliated with Pickleball Canada subsequent to the club joining Pickleball Canada, the club will be required to join the Provincial/Territorial association before renewing their Pickleball Canada memberships.

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